Friday, January 20, 2012

Unofficially Yours Movie, a 2012 offering for Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz under Star Cinema and director Cathy Garcia Molina

Unofficially Yours Movie, is it an imitation?
If you can just remember the famous punch lines and movie pick up lines made popular by film director Cathy Garcia Molina, well, she's back and this time with Unofficially Yours movie. This is a 2012 offering by Star Cinema and will be directed by her.

If you ask me, I'd say YES!, I can still remember some of the best movie pick up lines that came from some of her movies way back. It was a Sarah Geronimo John Lloyd Cruz tandem in A Very Special Love movie.

If you want to see this great new video clip from Star Cinema 2012 movies list, watch below. Just to give you an overview and explain to you more about it, the official movie poster is already out and searching online gave me 2 versions which are both cute btw. The official Unofficially Yours movie trailer / teaser cinema reproduce was also out as i've mentioned above.

You can watch the footage below. Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz is cute together, I must say and this movie will surely click in the silver screen. When it hits, i'll be one of the first to fall in line to watch this new film. They compliment, they harmonize and they perfectly complement each other on screen. Official credits to movie poster to Star Cinema at

Many have been saying that this movie is like Friends with Benefits and Strings Attached but some would say, let us first see the movie for the benefit of the doubt. Also see the movie poster I have above.

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